Rapper: FUEGO

The first artist featured on #PenAndPad for 2017. It is my pleasure to introduce you guys to FUEGO………   Sherron “FUEGO” Ford is from the East side of Columbus. His musical influence comes from was his great grandma and his uncles. With his own father and mother being big fans of Hip-Hop, being a musician … More Rapper: FUEGO


By: Ellisa Grant The infectious glow you have when You’re around, Your contagious laugh, I crave you, The warmth of your body as you hold me tight, The firm touch of your hands stroking my body, I crave you, Your pale hairy ass seen getting out of bed to fetch some water after we’re done, … More Craving

Made Love

I slept peacefully. Laying in my birthday suit, still in my queen bed when I felt something slide under my covers. It touched the back of my left leg, then the right as it gradually climbed up my figure in the cave of my thighs. It was him. He gripped my ass cheeks as he kissed my … More Made Love


My blog is usually for Ohio artists but I wanted to do something different for viewers. I have the pleasure of featuring rap group, The TRIBE on my page this week. These guys have the look,  work ethic and sound. Stay tuned and watch out for these guys! Here’s the background on the group.  Hip … More The TRIBE


Nick Lambright better known as Lambo VanGogh had a vision to make a brand with some dope music behind it. A 28 year old Columbus native, Nick grew up in Brentnell around the North end of Columbus. Having music in his roots from his mother and aunts, singing at family events and getting involved in … More LamboVanGogh

Taco Ve’l Music

Follow Taco Ve’l on all social networks and make sure to check out his music: SoundCloud: Taco Ve’l – https://soundcloud.com/tacovel B-Dub The Versafire – https://soundcloud.com/the-versafire Twitter: Taco Ve’l – @Taco_Vel B-Dub TV – @TheVersafire Instagram: Taco Ve’l – @taco_vel B-Dub TV – @theversafire Song Titles: Taco Ve’l – INSANE Freestyle (prod. Sean Starks) Taco Ve’l … More Taco Ve’l Music