This week’s featured artist is Cincinnati’s own HOENSTY. Usually I would write the bio’s out, but I will let HONESTY tell you his story. Enjoy!


HONESTY, formerly known by his govern name JaihLen Teague is a new artist from Middletown, Ohio although he spent an equal amount of time in Cincinnati, Ohio as well. I feel both cities have impacted me as a person in both negative and positive ways.

It was the perfect route of mistakes that would lead to me becoming a artist, not just rapper. I was a former division I basketball recruit and played 2 years of college basketball at a lower level. I am into rap, R&B and pop music but I think R&B is my favorite. My music inspirations would be Drake, Future and Partynextdoor. I’ll even credit Bryson Tiller and lil Uzi.

I am currently working on my first project. It’s titled Honesty Hour and I will be exposing myself in ways I’ve yet to explore. I’ve only been recording for a year and have already seen much success. I’ve performed, and also have a single titled Wilt The Stilt with over 14,000 streams on SoundCloud. I just dropped a new track called Mr. Tonight and very soon I’ll be releasing my first pop type of song called Connected.

I plan to release my project in April and the extended version in May! I plan on shocking my peers from now until the fall I’ll be dropping hit records. Stay tuned! – HONESTY

HONESTY will be featured on #PenAndPad all week. Stay tuned for music, photos and more from this artist.


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