Rapper: FUEGO

The first artist featured on #PenAndPad for 2017. It is my pleasure to introduce you guys to FUEGO………


Sherron “FUEGO” Ford is from the East side of Columbus. His musical influence comes from was his great grandma and his uncles. With his own father and mother being big fans of Hip-Hop, being a musician came natural. After hearing Slick rick bedtime story, FUEGO began writing his own music.

At the age of 8 or 9, he first learned that his mother was not only a fan of R&B but she was also a singer. FUEGO accompanied her to record a few songs and was intrigued by the process of recording. His musical influences were Kanye West, Jay Z and Camp Lo who he even at a young age challenged himself to be better than. “What motivates me is this urge I have, I can’t really explain it. I just feel the need to go hard on everything” FUEGO said. By the age of 16 he dropped his first tape “The Book of Skillz”.

I really want to impact music and form my own genre, that’s what makes me go hard. I feel that the only way I can win is by being me and staying true. Choosing music over the streets was hard for FUEGO. Having the pressures from his father and uncles to “get money”, it was sometimes hard to be himself.
Other artists used to inspire him but now, his surroundings, his people push him to be a better person and artist.

Up incoming projects: 5pc with Velly 2 Blunt$, with Devin Davie “Twisted Adventures Demented Reality”, FUEGO Mafia project with Slim Boi D and 4 new EPs.

“Balancing music and personal life isn’t easy but the grind is worth it” -FUEGO


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