By: Ellisa Grant

The infectious glow you have when You’re around,
Your contagious laugh,
I crave you,
The warmth of your body as you hold me tight,
The firm touch of your hands stroking my body,
I crave you,
Your pale hairy ass seen getting out of bed to fetch some water after we’re done,
The softness of your lips on my spine thanking me for this ride,
I crave you,
Anticipation, excitement and love I feel through your Good Morning messages,
Anguish, disappointment and fear written on your face as we dispute,
I crave you,
The brutal head nods and side hugs you give these other hoes,
The awful thought of being away from me for another moment,
I crave you,
Though to her you were just another man on her roster,
To me you are the coach, team and number 1 fan of my dream team,
Baby, I crave you.


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