Writer: Ellisa Elizabeth

I tend to focus on other artists in my own city so I forget my own talents. My goal is to expose the world to the different artists in Ohio and truth be told I am one myself. I began writing poetry, music and stories at the age of 7. I always dreamt about being a dancer or singer but I never believed I had the skills to do so. One year when I was 9, I begged my mother for a Karaoke machine and a few journals to write my songs and thoughts in them.

So I set up my “studio” in the basement; singing and writing my soul away. I even started recording my songs on cassette tapes (yeah I’m that old). I found my lane at a young age but with life happening and growing up you lose sight of your dreams. Now, at 24 I’m ready to take on my dreams again and strive to be the best actress, dancer, singer, writer I can be. So as I promote other artist from Ohio, I will always be displaying my own work on my site.

For the remainder of the week I will post a story that I have written and I hope you guys enjoy it. I appreciate any feed back and will gladly take any topic ideas or maybe I can write about an experience you’ve had. I’m all ears!


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