Made Love

I slept peacefully. Laying in my birthday suit, still in my queen bed when I felt something slide under my covers. It touched the back of my left leg, then the right as it gradually climbed up my figure in the cave of my thighs. It was him.

He gripped my ass cheeks as he kissed my back bone down to my crack and back up again. Rubbing his dick on my ass lightly, carefully. I thought I was dreaming. I had yet to see his face but this man was turning me on. Biting my bottom lip I was ready for what was next. A pleasant surprise.

He licked his hand and applied it to his tip. He was getting it lubricated and wet as he grabbed my hair. Head pulled back, I grabbed the pillows and screamed out “yes”! He slid his big ass cock into my ass.

He was so gentle and caring with it, I felt nothing. Winding and winding he stroked smacking and grabbing whatever he could. He slowly pulled out cumming everywhere. One kiss to my back and he went to clean up. It wasn’t over.

His tongued reached my ear, neck and soon I was turned around to greet my pleaser. We made out like there was no tomorrow. Biting lips, tongue fighting, he found himself back in me but in my pussy this time.

“Never leave me” he whispered. “I won’t, never, daddy” I replied. He fucked my brains out until I climaxed and showered all over him. When it was all over he kissed my pretty little pussy, wiped me up and laid right next to me.

He intimately kissed my cheek and said “I love you”. Dick to ass we peacefully fell asleep. I remember closing my eyes thinking that wasn’t sex, we just MADE LOVE.


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