My blog is usually for Ohio artists but I wanted to do something different for viewers. I have the pleasure of featuring rap group, The TRIBE on my page this week.

These guys have the look,  work ethic and sound. Stay tuned and watch out for these guys! Here’s the background on the group. 

Hip hop group based in Houston, TX,
focusing on lyrical trap sounds & trill hop.
The Tribe consists of 3 artists including; Ca$h Fendi , 7 & Sicko . All have been doing music in their own form for some time now but formed the group in December 2015. Ca$h Fendi has always been a writer and 7 was doing battles while Sicko was making beats.

Both 7 and Sicko came to Ca$h Fendi with a track and they soon decided they wanted to get serious about it. Putting everything in motion, working together was natural so they kept it going.

Bursting on to the scene in 2016, they’re coming for everything. With the “Trap Rap” sound drowning this generation , we offer the missing essence to such a genre. “Trap rap” is something that’s really popular in the south. Where for the most part all you need is a catchy hook , repetitive lyrics & banging beat.

Breaking away from the repetitive catchy style & focusing more on lyrics & rhythm , The Tribe has proven themselves to be a force to be reckon with in the near future! Check out their versatile project on spinrilla “Superbag”.

Check this group out on these sites:


Spinrilla DL:

Follow Ca$h Fendi on Twitter: Cashfendi_




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