Nick Lambright better known as Lambo VanGogh had a vision to make a brand with some dope music behind it.

A 28 year old Columbus native, Nick grew up in Brentnell around the North end of Columbus. Having music in his roots from his mother and aunts, singing at family events and getting involved in playing multiple instruments like his grandfather. Nick knew whatever he had planned for his future that it involved business and music.

“I found my way into rapping by watching Snoop & Pac when I was younger and just love seeing how easy it came to them. Like, its not what you say but how you say it and they knew how to talk that slick s**t” Nick said.

Around 2010 he started the brand “Flight Bros” to head into this new phase in his music career. Growing alongside his partner in Rap, King Ezz and a solid supporting crew, they were ready to reinvent the wheel. Around that time he also linked back up with a long time family friend, Tha Audio Unit(A.U.) who just happens to be one of the best producers in Ohio, so far the rest has been history. 2 Mixtapes, 2 Albums and a slew of songs later they have nowhere left to go but up.

Nick Added, “At this point in my career the goal is to keep putting quality music out on iTunes, Spotify, GooglePlay and more. Sell everything and promote everything. Not saying that I’m trying to get a deal but trying to build enough buzz to thrive independent at least until something lucrative enough crosses my desk.”

Heading into 2017 with wings fully spread Lambo VanGogh plans on giving two more albums, an EP and also a joint album with his brother King Ezz. Stay tuned in as Lambo clearly has plenty more to give with his Raunchy Lyrical style and witty undertone ready to give Ohio and the world what they need.

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