Taco Ve’l Music

Follow Taco Ve’l on all social networks and make sure to check out his music:

Taco Ve’l – https://soundcloud.com/tacovel
B-Dub The Versafire – https://soundcloud.com/the-versafire

Taco Ve’l – @Taco_Vel
B-Dub TV – @TheVersafire

Taco Ve’l – @taco_vel
B-Dub TV – @theversafire

Song Titles:
Taco Ve’l – INSANE Freestyle (prod. Sean Starks)
Taco Ve’l – ROLLIN (prod. B-Dub¬†TheVersafire)
B-Dub TheVersafire – Kaioken ft. Taco Ve’l (prod. B-Dub TV)
B-Dub TheVersafire – Bring In The Bass (prod. B-Dub TV)
B-Dub TheVersafire – Smokin 7X feat. Taco Ve’l (prod. B-Dub TV), here’s the link:


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