Taco Ve’l

LaVe’l Re’shon, better known as Taco Ve’l is the next featured artist for Pen & Pad. He is 21 years old and is an aspiring
Poet, Rapper, Singer hailing from St. Louis, Missouri but has decided to take his talents to Columbus, Ohio.

Growing up the youngest of 3, he was the son, grandson, nephew & cousin of
Pastors in a family church located in Ferguson, MO. He sang in the
choir & also served as an Usher almost every Sunday for 8 years where he learned the importance of faith in GOD while establishing a lifelong love for Music.

He began writing poetry at about age 8 after he witnessed how his Uncle JR.
would leave rooms speechless with his words. He wanted to be able to do
that himself. Eventually around 10 or 11, after seeing his older brother and
cousins rapping he began “spittin” rhymes too but that along with his
Schoolwork was something he never really took serious. It was just
something he did because his family showed an interest.


Fast forward, It’s 2007 & they’ve just moved back to North Columbus, OH leaving all friends & family behind for reasons he didn’t completely know.
Taco remembers his Pops told him he wanted to move then out before the city got too crazy, so you can imagine how they felt when the Nation took a notice
of our city when their brother Mike Brown was murdered. After making a
visit back home to march alongside members of the Ferguson community,
having conversations with people of all ages & hearing speeches from
The New Black Panthers, he came home with a sense of urgency to preach
Self-Education, Companionship, Peace & Love to his people.

At age 19 he decided to turn hus Poetry into Raps & released his first song “Jeezus” produced by his older brother B-Dub The Versafire. Being inspired by artists like T.I., Kendrick Lamar, Big KRIT, J.Cole, Kanye West, André 3000, Pac, Biggie & The Godfather James Brown,
he wanted to try to reach a platform that no one will ignore knowing how important vibrations are & how influential music can be on this earth, he was determined.

Conforming to the music everybody wants to hear rather than making the
music GOD put him here to make, Taco nearly loss his way. Which is why his
first EP dropping this Winter is entitled COMMITTED. This tape will be
filled with honest music from the soul, speaking about where he came
from, where He is now & what he will do from now on to feed his Family
while ensuring that his dreams don’t die. COMMITTED Is to show that through this music it helps maintain his sanity, but also motivates and inspires others.
“We are Kings & Queens with the gifts of the GOD inside of just waiting to be released to the world & I hope when you listen to the tape you find that whatever you commit your mind & heart to, you can do it”, Taco said.

Follow Taco Ve’l on all social sites:

Twitter/IG: @Taco_Vel
SoundCloud: Taco Ve’l [soundcloud.com/tacovel]
Facebook: Taco Ve’l


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