Bobby Biz

I’ve been following this artist for years now and he has revolved into one of THE hottest rappers in the city of Columbus. Here’s the bio on Bobby Biz and where you can catch his music and more.

Bobby Biz. Aka The City Savior ,  23 year old from thw north side of Columbus, Oh.
Right now in my career I just see myself growing as a man and artist. I like where it’s going it took a minute though. Still gotta a lot of work to do to get where I wanna be, but we’re all a work in progress.

You really want to make it out of here you have to be willing to sacrifice time, invest in your self & believe in your vision. That’s what I try to follow. A lot of ppl are going to tell you this & that but you have to stick to your guns, because you’re the only one with your vision. It’s important to keep solid people around you.


Who inspires me, hmm? God, Family, My niggas. Music like Drake , Future, Big Sean, Dipset, Hov , Ye , Biggie & Pac, but I get most of my inspiration from the ppl around me; like my producers & family Forreal.

What’s for next Bobby Biz? Singles, mixtapes, visuals and traveling to promote and get my music out in the World. Basically consistently hitting the ppl in the chest with hits until they let me in. No slowing up. I have a couple power moves in the play right now.

Be the first to know what I’m up to by getting The Bobby Biz app on your mobile phone. Make sure you download that now so you’ll have all the updates. Here’s the link below.

Check out Bobby Biz’ latest mixtape “City’s Savior” and follow him on these social sites:

Twitter: Bobby_biz11
IG: Bobby_Biz11
Facebook Bobby Biz
Soundcloud: Bobby biz


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